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Professional Fees through Creating an Angel

Please note that all costs are estimates! 

Also NOTE, there are surrogacy expenses that are tax deductible.  Check with your accountant!

We understand that the costs of Surrogacy are challenging!  We are transparent about all of them.  We are also aware that unexpected and unplanned fees could arise.  In order to help you, we can provide options to explore that may assist in lowering the total cost and we have also provided a fee schedule so the total amount does not have to be paid in full upfront. We are available to discuss this with you.

There are many different factors and variables that effect the total cost of surrogacy from using an egg donor, multiple births, surrogate compensation, medical examinations and evaluations, IVF fees, legal fees, insurance, background screenings, the agency fee, miscellaneous fees and unexpected fees so the cost of surrogacy can increase.   Your surrogate may also be placed on bed rest by her doctor or require a cesarean-section and for these she would receive reimbursement for lost wages and things like childcare and housekeeping.

All fees will be paid directly to the service provider.  Fees paid to CAA are the Professional and Surrogate Fees ONLY.

Professional Fees                                                                                             $ 40,025



Upon signing the retainer                  


Upon signing the surrogate contract


Upon confirmation of first embryo transfer


Administration & Trust Fee (starts when matched)


Twin Administration Fee (if applicable)


Surrogate Fees                                                                                               $  47,000 (Repeat)   $42,000 (First Time) 

Compensation (Repeat Surrogates)

                        (First Time Surrogates)




Allowance ($225/month)

  2,250                                  2,250


Clothing ($1,000/multiples)

     750                                     750


Lost Wages

Actual                                Actual


Travel Expenses for Medical Appointments & Embryo Transfer

2,000 - 4,000                      2,000- 4,000


Legal Fees                                                                                                         2,500 - 3,500

Note:  Get prices from several attorneys


Dr. Craig Sweet’s Fees                                                                                     17,478.60

Includes: Preliminary Evaluations, Embryo Transfer, Embryology/Andrology Fees


Cryopreservation of Embryos


Storage of Embryos

     778.60 (Onetime payment)

Total Cost



Note:  The Intended Parents and Surrogate will need a psychological evaluation, medical examination and criminal clearances.  The Intended Parents are responsible to pay these fees for the surrogate.These costs are not included in the above estimated breakdown of fees!

MMPI (Psychological Evaluation)

 600 - 1,000

Criminal Background Checks

    25 - 50

Medical Examination

 150 - 250

Attorney Fee to review Contract


Other unexpected expenses that may need to be covered by the Intended Parents.





Loss of Uterus/Hysterectomy


Reduction or Termination


Mock/Cancelled Cycle


Medical Bills



300 - 450/monthly

Housekeeping - Bed rest


Loss of Ovary/Ovaries or Fallopian Tubes


Alternative Medicine




Gestational medications/Unsuccessful transfer/Canceled Cycle


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Phone/Text/WhatsApp: (845) 558-0786

DISCLAIMER: The information in this compensation structure is meant to assist you in planning your surrogacy journey and is only an estimate. There are many factors that determine the overall cost of a surrogacy. Your compensation may be more or less depending on your circumstances. Your specific compensation package will be detailed in your Gestational Carrier Agreement.