"Delivering Dreams"


"Children are a Gift from God and in God's plan, each child was created with a purpose." 
Linda Wynn, 2011


When we think of children, so many concepts come to mind but primarily people think of Family and Unconditional Love.

Many families are involuntarily childless.  They suffer feelings of grief and longing they believe will never go away; however, in today’s day and age and advanced technology, being childless is merely a concept because raising a child and starting a family is now possible in many different ways. We’ve experienced the longing for a child ourselves and completed our family through adoption. We understand the heartache!

Our Surrogates are amazing women that are selfless and compassionate. Their willingness to help others is like no other. 

We welcome you to the WORLD of SURROGACY through Creating an Angel where dreams do come true.

Creating an Angel was formed to help build families through the most significant moments of their fertility journey.

We embrace all families regardless of religious affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity or marital status.

There is nothing that compares to raising a child.  We hope to empower your family to fulfill your dream of bringing a child into your lives.


DREAMS do come true!

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The WALK of a lifetime!

Our Mission:

Everyone should experience the love of a child in their life.

Creating an Angel was formed to assist in the journey of building your family. The agency is passionate and dedicated to providing the highest level of assistance, support, and  guidance, in the most compassionate, professional and ethical way, to those of you who want to experience the joy of parenthood but for one reason or another have been unable to do so.  

We aspire to travel with you so together we can explore fulfilling a dream and bringing that dream into your lives.  

Empowering Families!


through SURROGACY!

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