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Surrogates, are we describing you?

A Surrogate Mother provides the most amazing gift to Intended Parents.  She is a unique and special woman who is selfless and wanting to fulfill the needs of others before her own.  She possesses qualities that go far above and beyond the norm.  Her willingness to be a Surrogate brings joy and enriches not only her life but the lives of the Intended Parents and their families and friends.  This is an incredible experience you will be able to take pride in for the rest of your life.  If we are describing you, contact Creating an Angel or fill out our Inquiry Form below. We would love to speak with you.

Surrogate Inquiry Form

Who is a Surrogate?

A Surrogate, also called a gestational carrier, is an approved woman who enters into a legal agreement that is executed. It comes from a Latin word, Surrogare, which means "to put in another's place," or "to substitute."   The Surrogate agrees to become pregnant and give birth to a child for another person who is/are or will become the parent of the child.  It's a gift that a selfless woman gives to Intended Parents who, otherwise, would be unable to have a child in their lives.  Some families choose surrogacy to expand their families too.  The process is called Surrogacy.

Our surrogates are compassionate women who thrive on helping others.  They are meticulously screened physically and psychologically and have provided Creating an Angel with references that are stellar. They have a stable and secure home with a home environment that is impeccable.  

We pledge to guide you, be a resource and support system for you!

Our Commitment

Clients of Creating an Angel, will be matched to the perfect loving and deserving Intended Parent(s)! You will be able to view profiles of approved Intended Parents.  Both our Surrogates and Intended Parents have gone through the arduous screening process and have been approved and ready to begin the process. Our staff and colleagues are open, honest, and compassionate.  Each client is unique with individual needs.  We will explore your options with you and devise a plan that’s yours and yours alone.

Surrogate Requirements

Needed Documents

Proof of Identity (Voter ID, School Diploma)
Birth Certificate
Marriage Certificate (If applicable)
Divorce Certificate (If applicable)
Death Certificate of Spouse (If applicable)


Are you ready?

Health Requirements

1. Be in good physical and psychological health;

2. Committed to taking care of her health;

3. Within the Body Mass Index (BMI);

4. Have carried and delivered at least one child;

5. Have had pregnancies that were all free of complications and were full-term;

6. Clearance from your OBGYN;

7. Review by a reproductive endocrinologist of prenatal and delivery records.

Lifestyle Requirements

8.   Raising at least one child;

9.   Be 21 to 40 years of age;

10. Be in a stable living situation and home environment;

11. In home visit by a social worker;

12. Have a strong support system;

13. Be a permanent resident;

14. Be a non-smoker, free of alcohol and drug use;

15. Have no criminal history (Screening is mandatory);

16. Willing and able to respect the privacy and confidentiality of the Intended Parents.

Financial Requirements

17. Stable income (Most recent tax return/Pay Stubs)

18. Not a recipient of government assistance.

 Have you given thought to?

1.  The perfect approved Intended Parents for you?

2.  The compensation you'd like to receive?

3.  The risks and side effects of pregnancy?

The delivery process?

5.  Watching the Intended Parents when they see their baby for the first time?

Medical Requirements

You will need:

  • Physical, lab tests, drug tests

  • You will take medications such as birth control pills and hormones

  • The Intended Parents will identify an embryo/ or the egg/sperm will be extracted

  • The embryo will be transferred.

  • You will have routine doctor’s visits for blood tests and ultrasounds.

Legal Requirements

Meet with your attorney

  • Surrogate meets with her attorney to discuss her needs and wishes;

  • Intended Parents meet with  their attorney to discuss their requirements;

  • Financial discussion regarding compensation as well as clothing are detailed;

  • Social issues such as being tobacco, drug and alcohol free are stipulated;

  • Both attorneys, the Surrogate and the Intended Parents meet to discuss the final agreement;

  • Contract is executed.

Call/SMS/WhatsApp: (845) 558-0786

FAQ of Surrogates

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you!

Thank you for empowering families through Creating an Angel!

"Delivering Dreams"
Pregnantwoman.jpg   AApregnantwoman.jpg   

"You have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you."

Psychological Requirement

We do have referrals.

MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) or equivalent

Trust that we will provide you the highest level of guidance and quality care.

  • Call/SMS/WhatsApp: us at 845-558-0786 or Email us at 
  • Create a list of questions and make sure they're answered.
  • Fill out our application.
  • Begin learning the process of being a Surrogate through Creating an Angel.
  • We’ll set up a meeting with you.  Out of state Surrogates can Skype or Facetime if accessible to you or a phone conversation will work.

Embryo Transfer

The exciting journey is about to begin!

  • Receive your cycle calendar
  • Take your medications according to instructions

  • Go to monitoring appointments

  • Schedule an appointment for the transfer


Making sure you & the baby are healthy!


Extremely important!

  • OB appointments every 4 weeks or as needed

Preparing for Delivery

  • Intended Parents will be named the legal parents

Delivery and Recovery

You've changed and empowered the lives of a family forever!

The baby, Intended Parents and you will be discharged.


Fun with food

Surrogate Compensation

We recognize our surrogates with appreciation by offering a compensation package that reflects all of the things they do to bring a healthy baby into the world for a family that has longed to have a child in their lives but have been unsuccessful.  Your compensation begins when a heartbeat is detected.  

We appreciate our Surrogates!

If you are interested in becoming a Surrogate for Creating an Angel, you can fill out our Inquiry Form above or Call/SMS us. (845) 558-0786

Currently, we work with Intended Parents and Surrogates residing in the US.